Visiting the Maxímon part 2
photographs & story by Shane Solow
Rather than disrupting the proceedings the cofradía seemed pleased and amused by our arrival, which made us feel welcome. After all, there were no tours here and they had very few visitors.
The room was filled with smoke from burning incense and herbs. The cofrade lit for the Mam a cigar and after a while he gave it a drink of alcohol.
I returned with a friend two months later but the Mam had been moved. The cofradía Santa Cruz is elected annually by the villagers and the Mam is kept like a guest in their homes for the year. Again we received evasive responses to our inquiries where it had been moved.
We found the Mam in a smaller house where a lone man was caring for it. I asked to see the Mam, but he responded that the Maxímon was asleep. I explained that I had brought my friend a long way to see it and gave the cofrade some money. He pointed to the roof rafters and indicated a ladder. We climbed up to a dark attic and peaked through a trap door.
The Mam was lying in a bed, tucked in with a blanket, with a cigar in its mouth. Food and drink, cigarettes, and other offerings were left nearby in case it awoke.
Within moments a women entered the house, very upset. She scolded the man, telling him we might wake the Maxímon, and our visit was abruptly ended.
photographs by Shane Solow © 1999--2002 Lost Trails
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