Lost Trails


 A Fairy Tale of Karpathos
sequential photographs by Shane Solow
 Inquiries by Herodotus
translated by Shlomo Felberbaum
 Letter from Lope de Aguirre
translated by Tom Holloway
 Naked Cowboy
slideshow of New York City, September 2001 by Shane Solow
 Notebooks from a Lost Europe
sequential photographs of Romania by Shane Solow
 Postcards from the Georgia Military Highway
interactive slideshow of antique postcards
 Rabinal1: Market2: Preparations3: Festival
photographs and story by Shane Solow
 The Relation of Cabeza de Vaca
translated by T. Buckingham Smith
 Trail to Todos Santos
photographs and story by Shane Solow
 Visiting the Maxímon
photographs and story by Shane Solow
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