Lost Trails


Leros Areté
traditional songs from Leros, Greece
Athens Athens Blues
rembétika from Athens, Greece
Dev Broken Melody
Hayri Dev, master of the üçtelli in Çameli, Turkey
Otti Cadrilater
Ion Otti, the last Megleno-Romanian minstrel from Cerna, Romania
Bedih Kazancı Bedih Street
recorded in the legendary musician's home at Şanlıurfa, Eastern Turkey
Naipu Lautarii Cum Mai Canta!
master musicians from Naipu, Romania
Karpathos Music of the Night and the Sea
folk music from Karpathos, Greece
Dev Nine Gardens of the Sky
Hayri Dev and sons in Çameli, Turkey
Moldavia Roots of Klezmer
the lost Jewish music of Moldavia, Romania
Botiza Sicuta Brothers
folk music from Botiza, Romania
Asik Erbabi Songs of the Alevi
Asik Erbabi's original melodies, from Guzelcamli, Turkey
Mociu Stîngaciu Band
folk music from Mociu, Romania
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