Trail to Todos Santos part 2
photographs & story by Shane Solow
We drove on through the wilderness. The woman got out. As we continued I spoke with the teacher about his students and their country school house.
We were let off in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a landscape of odd rock formations. I asked the teacher which way to Todos Santos. He said it wasn't far and pointed vaguely, which troubled me since I was traveling alone.
The teacher asked if I would photograph his students.
I walked for a long while, unsure whether I was even on the right road. The landscape was broken from earthquakes. There was nobody to be seen except a few peasants in the distance. Although calm this was the region of the most brutal fighting of the civil war.
Eventually I was approached by civil guards who pointed their old carbines to my head. I showed them my passport . They didn't trust me and eyed me with suspicion. I told them I knew the teacher at the school nearby. They were satisfied and let me go.
I continued on. An hour later I was tired and sweaty, and someone shined a mirror into my eyes from a hilltop miles away. Did they think I was a rebel delivering arms supplies? I ignored it and kept walking. I met a shepherd and a farmer and finally I left the wilderness.
photographs by Shane Solow © 1999--2002 Lost Trails
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