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"I own a series of the most beautiful photos of ancient statuary....
I never tire of spreading them out before me.
It purifies me of certain desires.
I flirt (with muses) and I am the better for it.
I no longer believe in the banishment from paradise."

Paul Klee, 1901

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This is an ongoing project documenting in photographs many of the places and artifacts mentioned by
Herodotus (c 500 – c 425 BCE) in his Inquiries. This site is updated monthly with photographic tours
that are hyperlinked with the text.

Please contact us with your questions, comments or donations. All photographs are for sale;
proceeds support development of this site.

edited by Jonathan Schwartz

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Herodotus' Inquiries

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Lost Trails mourns the loss of Seth Benardete,
a teacher to Shlomo Felberbaum and Shane Solow,
and without whose inspiration
this project might not have been realized.

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