about Lost Trails

Lost Trails logoLost Trails is a web-based travelogue consisting of the records and observations of contemporary and historical artists, writers and explorers. Our purpose is to inform and entertain. We are mostly self-funded, supplemented by the sale of photographs, artwork and music presented on the site.

We predominantly display photographs by Shane Solow, a New Yorker who has spent most of the last couple of decades living in various countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

We feature a translation of Herodotus’ "Inquiries" (commonly known as "Histories") by Shlomo Felberbaum. We also display Mr. Felberbaum’s artwork. Mr. Solow is currently photographing the sites mentioned by Herodotus to illustrate the text.

During Mr. Solow’s travels for the “Herodotus Project” he made audio recordings of folk music in the various countries he visited. There are samples on the site, along with photographs of the musicians and their villages.

We also feature photographs by our friend and colleague, Jason Eskenazi.

Jonathan Schwartz is the webmaster and coordinates all aspects of media presentation for the site and related projects.

If you have further questions, we can be reached at compass@losttrails.com